About us.

About us

Martin, Jože, Janko

Martin, Jože, Janko

The family business Predelava lesa Jože Kovač took up its activity in the year 1989 when it was founded by the owner as a part-time business. From the beginning until 2000 the main activities of the company were the production of timber claddings and drying of wood. The change in market conditions, however, was followed by a reorganization of the work processes and the making of semi-manufactured products which are the components of interior doors. In 2006 the company took the opportunity of producing laminated profiles which has been our main production activity ever since.

Jože Kovač

Through all the years, the sons Martin and Janko Kovač have also been active within the company. It was due to their diligence, expertise and last, but not least – their immense zeal that helped the business grow. Today, the company is still growing and developing, placing its products on foreign markets and satisfying the needs of even the most demanding customers.

After their father had retired, the sons founded the company Centernorma d.o.o. which was then merged with the previous company Predelava lesa Jože Kovač s.p. Thus, the company activity and the family tradition continue.

Due to the quality of products and good sales and cooperation with foreign buyers the production could be expanded, and the company moved into the business park. Each year the machines are upgraded, thus enabling the company to stay competitive within its sector and to satisfy even the highest of standards. Also, there is a growing need for new employees which attracts more and more innovative co-workers.


Today, Centernorma d.o.o. is a company which, due to professional staff, proper marketing and business cooperation, has managed to prevail on the home market as well as some foreign markets. We have become one of the best producers and suppliers of laminated profiles for doors and windows. For our regular customers, we produce 740.000 running meters of various products a year. Our customer-oriented attitude as well as the quality of our products have been attracting more satisfied customers each year.

As a team, we are focusing on an efficient, timely and high-quality realization of projects. In order to be able to run high-quality projects, we have relocated our production into new premises which will suit the company’s growth as well as our ambitious goals. Since we are constantly striving to be an environment-friendly business, we put special emphasis on waste management.

We keep up with the competition as well as the news in the field of wood processing, and use the information to find new custom solutions for the market as well as the individual customer.


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